Working Papers

If your child is a student in one of our
Narragansett Schools, to obtain working papers, please contact the guidance office at your school to complete.

If your child does not attend one of our schools, please complete the following:

  • Please fill print and out the below intent form.  Be sure to check off the correct age bracket for him/her.

  • Once you complete the form, have the employer sign it, then please scan and email to [email protected]

  • Please also attach an acceptable proof of age, such as a (1) Birth Certificate, (2) Baptismal Certificate, (3) Bible Records, (4) Passport, (5) Insurance policy (at least 1 year old), (6) Physician’s Certificate of Age accompanied by school records of age and parents affidavit, (7) Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Operator’s license with photograph.

  • Once we receive it, we will then send you the second form that we will complete for your child to sign, which will serve as your documentation.