Program FAQ

1. What is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program?

The Rhode Island Department of Education has recognized the need for hands on skills and education to help students become more prepared for post-secondary education institutions and become productive members of the workforce in the State of Rhode Island.  Students who are accepted into this program have access to extensive hands-on experience, certifications in career-ready fields and skills to help prepare for the next step in their lives. We are one of more than 54 high schools in the network, all working together to prepare students early on for a successful career.

2. What CTE programs does the Narragansett High School Offer Students?

Currently, Narragansett High School offers three programs with CTE.  They are Agriculture Science, Information and Computer Technology and the newest addition, Mechanical Trades-Plumbing.

3. What can students expect in each offering?

Mechanical Trades- Plumbing: Our newest program offering, Mechanical Trades- Plumbing, provides students hands-on training and apprenticeship opportunities with new partner, Rhode Island's Local 51.  Students will take courses focused on plumbing with a chance to also explore construction management, pipe fitting, and welding.  Upon completion of the program, students will be certified to begin their apprenticeship as a full member of RI UA Local 51.

Agricultural Science: Over the past few years, students have been able to take part in CTE through our exceptional Agricultural Science program.  In addition to a wide range of focused curriculum and training, students have hosted the Mariner Marketplace, where they grow and sell plants and other farm fresh options for the season.  In addition, students take care of the school's hens, selling fresh eggs throughout the year and work in the Sugar Shack, where they tap maple trees making fresh maple syrup to sell as well.  We are also pleased to host many of our classes in our state-of-the-art greenhouse from Holland.

Information and Computer Technology: NHS brought this program to life in 2017 thanks to a state grant of $50,000 than enabled the school to expand the Program in grades 9 through 12 while developing a curriculum for grades K through 8. Students will learn everything from coding and video game development to virtual reality animation programs; all with a goal to enrich student experience and create lifelong skills


4. Are CTE students still apart of the overall school community and can they take part in activities?

Yes, students enrolled in Narragansett’s CTE program have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of CTE while still remaining a full-time member of the high school. Students who are in advanced placement are encouraged to take advantage of the many clubs, activities, and athletics our school has to offer.  We are proud to offer this inclusive experience to students both in and out of our district.


5.  What is the eligibility of students wishing to apply for this program?

Any student who resides (or plans to reside at the time of enrollment) in Rhode Island may apply to attend. Please visit Narragansett School System’s website and click on the CTE Page to view and fill out the application for the program.  Once submitted, you will then be contacted by our administrative office about any questions or the status of the application. Further questions can be directed to Joan Pratley (401-792-9406) or via email ([email protected])

6. What is the student criteria for students wishing to apply?

We are looking for potential students who have a passion for the field in which they are applying to.  Each area comes with extensive coursework and hands-on experience that prepares students for a successful life in the chosen field.  Students are expected to take part in many projects, both team and individual, throughout the year and are viewed as leaders within the classroom, which comes along with high expectations for education and conduct excellence.  As our programs grow, we have a limited number of spaces available within each program and pay close attention to the enthusiasm and drive of the individuals applying.


7. What is the decision process when a student applies to become a part of Narragansett’s CTE Program?

The decision to admit a student is made jointly by the Narragansett High School CTE Application Committee comprised of department heads from each CTE program offering, members of the guidance office, and members from the administration that will be working within the program throughout the year.  The committee takes into account the student’s education and discipline records, written application answers, experience, and overall passion to be a part of the program.  Admissions to the program follows the Narragansett School System non-discrimination policy, which states “The Narragansett School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all sponsored programs and activities.”


8. Who is financially responsible for tuition of this program?

The school district in which the student resides must pay the tuition if they do not provide the  same RIDE-approved Career and Technical Education program within their own school district. Students who reside in districts that do provide the same RIDE-approved CTE may still enroll in The Narragansett High School program; however, the tuition is the responsibility of the parent/guardian unless the home district does not have enough space to accommodate the student (RIDE).

9. How does transportation to and from school for “out of district” students?

Transportation is provided at no cost to students who reside in the Region 4 Statewide Transportation System (Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Jamestown, Narragansett, New Shoreham, North Kingstown, Richmond, South Kingstown, West Greenwich, Westerly.) Students who reside outside of these district areas must provide their own transportation even if the tuition is covered by their resident district (RIDE) as Narragansett is unable to provide student transportation for students attending outside of these specific regional areas. 


10.  What kind of records does Narragansett High School require during the application process?

School records requested by Narragansett may include, but are not limited to, course grades, standardized tests, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), attendance, health and medical records, extracurricular activities, conduct and discipline reports, social case history assessment, speech/language evaluation and psychological/educational/psychiatric evaluation reports.

PLEASE NOTE: When you fill out the online application, you are asked to check a box and type your name at the end, which gives the Narragansett School System permission to obtain these records from the student's current school.