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Student Services

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Child Outreach

CHILD OUTREACH IS A FREE SERVICE offered to all children 3 to 5 years old. Child Outreach provides a brief assessment in five areas of development: vision, hearing, speech and language skills, social/emotional development and general development, such as gross and fine motor skills, memory etc. Much like your well child visit with the pediatrician, children should be screened annually, at 3, 4 and 5 years old. Because the activities are based upon what is appropriate for your child's age and experiences at the time of screening, each screening provides families with an up-to-date check on their child's status. Child Outreach can help identify children who may need further assessment, intervention and/or services at an early age in order to prevent the occurrence of more severe problems later. We want to ensure that ALL children are off to a good start before entering kindergarten. It is highly recommended that any child entering kindergarten in the fall of 2017 have a Child Outreach screening prior to kindergarten registration in the spring of 2017.For more information or to schedule a screening appointment, please call Narragansett Child Outreach @ 401-284-4910.