NHS Admission Applications

Admissions and Applications

Welcome to the Narragansett School System's admissions page.  Here, you will be able to navigate through the various applications for our growing Integrated Preschool program and our state-of-the-art High School Career and Technical Pathways Program.  Explore the options below to be directed to the application you wish to proceed with.  

Career and Technical Education Program


The Narragansett School System is proud to offer high school students in and outside of our district the opportunity to take part in our CTE (Career and Technical) program, which hosts advanced and extensive courses with unique hands on experience.  Our school's program is designed for students preparing for careers, giving them the chance to obtain hands-on experience while learning trades and specialties to launch their college careers.  We are one of more than 54 high schools in the network, all working together to prepare students early on for a successful career.