Increase in Covid-19 Infections

Letter from the Superintendent Regarding an Increase in Covid-19 Infections
Posted on 05/13/2022
Dear Parents,

Over the past week, the number of Covid-19 cases among our students and staff has increased dramatically. The latest variant is quite contagious, and we need your assistance in helping to reduce the surging number of infections in our community.

If your child exhibits any of the below symptoms, please keep him or her home and get a Covid-19 test

Many of our recent cases are due to students arriving at school with symptoms and then spreading the infection to classmates.

If a student is diagnosed with Covid-19, please isolate for at least 5 days per the below diagram:

If a student tests positive, he or she can return to school after 5 days, but must wear a mask in school until day 10 after the positive test.

Additionally, there have been several instances where members of a household are infected with Covid-19 and unable to isolate, but children are being sent to school without testing for Covid-19. If there are cases of Covid-19 in your household, please inform your school nurse so that we can help monitor your child for symptoms and prevent further spread of the disease.

Ultimately, we are asking all members of our community to be aware of possible symptoms, to get tested if there is a possible infection, and to stay home and then mask for the required isolation period if infected. Disregarding symptoms or the RIDOH guidance regarding isolation and subsequent masking fuels the spread of the virus and leads to disruptions to each child’s educational process and to the well-being of the school community as a whole. While inconvenient, these protocols will ultimately ensure that we can continue to keep our classrooms open and hold meaningful end of year activities for our children.

Thank you again for your efforts to keep our community safe and well.

Dr. Peter Cummings