Mechanical Trades in Plumbing

Mechanical Trades in Plumbing Coursework 

The Plumbing CTE Program at Narragansett High School is a hybrid, multifaceted program that provides students with opportunities to work with industry leaders at UA Local 51 Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Refrigeration HVAC, and to complete a certified program through National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER). The program’s curriculum is aligned to NCCER levels I and II standards and UA Local 51 expectations. The program affords students with certificates in NCCER levels I and II upon completion of coursework and successful assessments connected to the program. The course-required hours at Narragansett High School and UA Local 51 provides students with an advantage once entering a full-time apprenticeship program. The Plumbing CTE Pathway curriculum allows students to attain certain certificates in NCCER levels I and II, as well as OSHA 10, which they can use for post-secondary employment, while satisfying graduation requirements at Narragansett High School.  The Plumbing CTE program will utilize a variety of learning approaches that allow students to work independently, remain engaged in their learning, and make connections to classroom learning, and career and postsecondary-related experiences. The program culminates in senior year, when students divide their time between classes at the high school and working at the UA 51 facility.

Any student eligible to attend Narragansett High School is automatically eligible for enrollment in the Mechanical Trades: Plumbing Program. To successfully complete this program, students must take the required coursework listed below:

9th Grade
Mechanical Trades
Professional and Communication Skills; OSHA Certification

10th Grade
 Mechanical Trades II
Understanding Plans and Codes

11th Grade
Advanced Mechanical Trades
Pre-Apprenticeship at UA Local 51

12th Grade
 Pre-Apprenticeship at UA Local 51 
During their junior and senior years, students in the Plumbing program spend every other
school day on alternating weeks working at the UA 51 facility.