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V. Students

A. Administrative Policies

4. Transportation

The Narragansett School System will provide, in a manner not inconsistent with Sect.16-21-1 of the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island, suitable transportation to each student eligible to attend kindergarten (age zero for SPED students) and under twenty-one years of age who resides within the boundaries of the district and is not a high school graduate or is not otherwise legally excluded from school. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent of schools (or his/her designee) to administer this policy pursuant to Section 16-21-1 of the General Laws and the guidelines approved by the school committee. The school committee will approve bus routes prior to the start of each school year.


I. Guidelines for Transportation:

Students shall be provided school transportation if one or more of the following criteria are present.

A. The walking distance from home to school exceeds the following:

1. For pupils enrolled in K-4, one-half (1/2) mile;

2. For pupils enrolled in grades 5-8, three-quarters (3/4) mile;

3. For pupils enrolled in grades 9-12, one (1) mile.

The above limits also apply to distances students may have to walk to bus stops.

B. The walking route is within the limits set forth above, but presents a hazard to student safety

C. The student is handicapped or is a preschool student.

Note: These guidelines do not apply to Late Bus Runs

II. Bus Stops:

A. Bus stops will be located at intervals so that a student will not be required to walk to or from his/her residence any distance greater than:

1. For pupils enrolled in K-4, one-half (1/2) mile;

2. For pupils enrolled in grades 5-8, three-quarters (3/4 mile;

3. For pupils enrolled in grades 9-12, one (1) mile.

B. Bus stops may be located at more frequent intervals to reduce student congestion at stops or for reasons of safety, as determined by the superintendent or his/her designee.

Note: These guidelines do not apply to Late Bus Runs

III. Walking Distance:

All measurements for walking distance to school or to a bus stop will begin at the point of access to a public road nearest a student's residence or to a public road accessible to a school bus.

IV. Adjustment of Walking Distances for Pre-School Students:

All pre-school students riding a kindergarten only bus must be picked up and dropped off at the closest point of public access to the property line. Weather and safety concerns may cause stop adjustment.

V. Student Registration:

Each school principal will forward to the current transportation supervisor, by June 1st, a listing of students by grade that includes student name, parent/guardian name, mailing, residence and day care addresses where applicable, home/work/emergency contact, phone numbers. The same information is to be provided the transportation office for each student who registers for school after the June cut-off date. All parents of students who will attend private schools and charter schools who are eligible for transportation must submit a written transportation request to the Superintendent of Schools by August 1 of each year.

Such request will include the student's name, parent/guardian name, mailing address, residence, home/work/emergency contact, phone numbers.

VI. Change in Location of a Scheduled Bus Stop:

A change in location of a bus stop for a Narragansett school student is defined as follows:

When a student is picked up or dropped off at a different stop than he/she would normally or when the student rides a different bus than he/she would normally.

1. Changes in the location of a student's bus stop will be approved for the following reasons:

a.To accommodate daycare needs:

i. Any request for day care cannot involve the pickup or drop off at more than two existing district bus stops.

ii. Long term relocation of bus stop requests to accommodate daycare received prior to August 1st will be processed and be in place when schools open provided this request does not cause a student to be bused to/from a location outside his/her designated school attendance area. These requests should be filed annually. All requests by a parent/guardian should be done by contacting the transportation supervisor.

iii. Daycare request changes during the year must be made by the parent/guardian one week prior to the change. This change cannot involve more than two separate locations within bus routes.

iv. Emergency requests will be considered if presented in writing to the school office.

b. To accommodate group school activities:

i. All requests must be in writing and submitted to the school office.

c. To accommodate student work placement:

i. Parents of high school students may request changes in their afternoon bus stop location to accommodate a work placement. Such a request must be submitted to the transportation supervisor. The student will be dropped off at the regularly scheduled stop nearest to the business.

d. To accommodate a temporary change:

i. Requests for a temporary change of location of a bus stop due to a planned reason by a parent/guardian will be considered if requested twenty four hours in advance.

e. To accommodate an emergency:

i. In the case of an immediate emergency situation (one day only) requiring the change in the location of a bus stop, the parent/guardian should contact the school so that the student can be notified. The school will notify the student and the transportation office of the matter. In the case where time does not allow for the contacting of the transportation office, a written note, with the student's name and other pertinent information must be provided to the bus driver. The note must be signed by the school official approving the request.

2. Changes in the location of a student's bus stop will not be approved for the following reasons:

a. If it causes a student overload on the bus in question.

b. If it causes additional time or mileage to accrue to the bus run.

c. If it causes rescheduling of a bus route or the addition of bus stops for the bus in question.

d. If it causes a student to be bused to/from a location outside his/her designated school attendance area.

e. If the privilege is abused.

3. Procedures for change will follow what is outlined in section 1. In addition, during the school year all requests for changes must be submitted in writing to the transportation supervisor. Parents should contact the transportation office to verify the request has been approved.

Note: It is the policy of the Narragansett School System not to drop off any child in grades K-4 at their designated bus stop unless a designated adult or sibling is present to accept the child. A parent or legal guardian of a student in grades 3 or 4 may direct the District, in writing, to drop their child at the designated bus stop.

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee reserves the right to deny transportation privileges to any persons not adhering to the policy.

1st reading: April 13, 2005

Adopted: May 18, 2005


1st reading: September 17, 2008                               Narragansett School System

2nd reading: October 22, 2008                                   Narragansett, Rhode Island