Agriculture Science Application

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About our Agriculture Science Program

Ongoing research in agricultural biotechnology, agricultural engineering, and plant science technology as well as other emerging agricultural industries have revolutionized the field of agriculture. Regional agricultural science and technology centers in Rhode Island are meeting the challenge by providing educational programs in the field of agriculture and related occupations. To provide adequate training for those students planning a career in agriculture and related fields, Rhode Island has designated regional agricultural science and technology centers in comprehensive high schools to serve students. The Agriculture Education Center at Narragansett High School is one such program.  Students may apply for enrollment to our state supported regional program and be considered for admission on a competitive basis. The program prepares students for entry-level employment or higher education in the fields of agriculture and other related fields, including animal management plant science and sustainable agriculture. 

The program consists of the following required components:

  • Classroom instruction designed to prepare students for the emerging agricultural science and technology field.
  • The broad-based curriculum incorporates cutting-edge technologies,rigorous academics, current labor market information and career decision-making skills.
  • Laboratory experiences provides hands-on activities relating to the mastery of skills in agriculture mechanic technology, animal and plant science technology (including microbiological, biochemical and genetic disciplines), natural resource technology (maple syrup production and field crop laboratories), and grounds maintenance/turf management and computer applications Student leadership training through Future Farmers of America (“FFA”), a national student leadership organization for students studying agriculture.
  • Skills include teamwork, organization, career decision-making, and oral and written communications.
  • Supervised agricultural experience program provides a planned and supervised work experience through which students receive systematic and organized on-the-job training related to their agricultural education instruction.
  • Work experience program is initiated by a written cooperative arrangement between the student, the school and the employer.
  • Local, State and National Competition provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, public speaking ability and within a competitive forum that requires a wide range of academic skills and personal attributes.