Weather Update for 2.1.2021

Weather Update for 2.1.2021
Posted on 01/31/2021
Dear NSS Community, 

A severe winter storm is predicted for our area tomorrow beginning in the morning and continuing throughout the day, making driving extremely hazardous. Consequently, tomorrow, Monday, February 1st, will be an asynchronous distance learning day. This means that all students at all schools will be distance learning but will not be held to a formal schedule. Instead, teachers will share assignments before the regular start of the school day and will hold office hours to support students who have questions or need help.

Snow Day Guidelines: (Please be on the lookout for email communications from your Principals and teachers.)

Emergency closure/snow days will be similar in structure to the scheduled professional development days throughout the year.
All grades and classes and related services will be on an asynchronous schedule during these days to account for possible loss of power, disruptions to childcare, and/or other unforeseen circumstances.
All teachers will communicate assignments for the day to students and/or families before the regularly scheduled start of the school day.
Teachers will be available for office hours between 10:00 and 12:00 to consult with students and answer questions about assignments. 

Given the delay in the start of the school in September and the unified state school calendar this year, the traditional “day off” snow cancellation is not currently an option for us. However, my hope is that an asynchronous structure will allow us to maintain learning while also providing flexibility for families.

At this time, we are planning for in-person learning again on Tuesday. If the storm is more severe than expected or if there are other unforeseen circumstances that interfere with in-person learning Tuesday, we will let families know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy the snow tomorrow!