Homeschooling Information

To start the homeschooling process, please see the items below which can also be found in our policy HERE.

**A new form is required to be filled out and submitted before the start of every school year that the student is homeschooled.**

Once you submit the appropriate paperwork, your request will be discussed at the next school committee meeting during the executive session portion and you will receive a letter of official receipt once we receive your form as outlined followed by an approval letter once the School Committee meeting takes place.

The steps are as follows:

1. Notify the Superintendent of Schools in writing by completing the official Home Schooling Request, Compliance Agreement, and Approval Form

2. Submit the completed form by emailing to [email protected] as far in advance of the start of the school year as possible.

3. When possible, submit proposed home schooling program to the Office of the Superintendent via the same email address for review of curriculum content and appropriateness. 

If your child receives special education services, please contact Melissa Denton at 401-792-9426 to discuss if you would like for your child to continue to receive special education or revoke services.

If you have any additional questions, you can call the main office at 401-792-9450