Annual Notifications

To: Narragansett School Occupants
Locations: All School Buildings
From: Stephen Gormley
Date: September 2022

Re: Annual Notification of Asbestos Management

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), signed into law on October
22,1986, requires all local education agencies to identify asbestos containing materials in
their buildings and take appropriate action to control the possible release of asbestos
fibers. We are required to inform all personnel and occupants at least once a year about
inspections, response actions, and post response activities including periodic re-
inspection and surveillance activities, which are planned, or in progress.
In September 2020 a three-year AHERA inspection of Narragansett Schools was
conducted as required by the Rhode Island Department of Health. A Bi-annual re-
inspection of all schools was conducted in February 2022 and the next inspection is
scheduled for September 2022. Narragansett School System asbestos related
information, including the results of any inspection and corresponding recommendations
have been compiled in the asbestos management plan, which is available for review. A
copy of the management plan is located in the Division of Operations Office and is
available for inspection during normal hours.
Please contact me at (401)792-9416 if you would like to make arrangements to inspect
the management plan.

Integrated Pest Management Plan 2022
Narragansett Elementary School
Narragansett Pier Middle School
Narragansett High School